Thursday, February 14, 2013

[KollelH blog] Purim Din Smol Docheh

"Mordechai was second to the king & was well liked by most of his brethren. He seeked good for his nation & spoke with peace to all his children."

As the gemarah tells us some of his brothers were not happy about his position...

K'sav Sofer al hatorah in his drashos on the megilah explains as follows.
They wanted him to use his powerful position to force the multitudes of uncomitted 'yeshainim min hamitzvos' Jews back to observance. But he seeked a softer, though longer, approach of kindness & peace. He was successful in doing what Mt. Sinai did not. He brought the Jews to accept the Torah with love.This is how the megillah ends. Because that is why purim will continue forever.

Only G-D, the Master surgeon could foresee each 'incision' of the holocaust & deem the surgery neccessary. He also foresaw every single one of his children that would be alienated by the massive midas HaDin, & only He could deem it worthwhile.

For the rest of us, we must use din rarely & even then, only half heartedly, with our left weaker hand, perhaps the onlookers will note the true care & love within. But when din is used wholeheartedly - docheh b'shtei yadayim - it alienates not only the the one who is pushed but all the onlookers as well.

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