Thursday, July 1, 2010

[Ein Yaakov Highlights] WEEK 7 BALAK

The parshah of balak teaches us that the spoken word is powerful, regardless of the thought, intent or sentiment behind the words. Although surely 'kavvanos' multiply this power manifold, there is tremendous value just to saying ashrei as well.

There is even more reason to focus on the ashrei after shmoneh esrai and the ashrei of minchah. (seder hayom)

The two specialties of ashrei - the aleph bais & poseach es yadechah, are united in praising Hashem for the sustenance he continuously supplies. Spiritually and physically. (maharshah)

Ashrei is unique in its complete praise of Hashem regarding parnassah, without making any request! (kosev)

The good will -ratzon- of humans amongst each other is what opens Hashem's Hand. (malbim)

The merit of Torah [the aleph bais] is what produces parnassah [poseach..]. (R'y'f')
We kiss our tefillin shel yad while reciting poseach... and our shel rosh upon the word umasbiah. Hashem supplies us through our hishtadlus and handiwork, but the satiation does not depend on what is produced, but on our mindset, to which Hashem gives the capability to be satisfied.

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