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[DRASHOS] yisro 78

Yisro 78 R' Shimon Schwabb understands that the "davar gadol" (18.22) was brought to Moshe in order for klal yisroel to realize its great importance. And what was the davar gadol? R' Scwabb explains it is referring to what is noted in the passuk earlier - 18.20 - chukim toros, derech yeilchu bah etc. which the gemara bm 30a expounds on to mean a livelihood, bikur cholim, levayas hameis, & l'fnim mishuras hadin. Mostly "simple" morals and acts of chessed, which, if not for it coming directly from Moshe - and Hashem - people would not give them their full  respect.
Along these lines is what the commentaries tell us regarding the opening statement of Avos. "Moshe kibel torah…" is to remind us that the "morals" stated herein are from Hashem no less important and great than any other part of Torah.

I would like to add, that just as we said Na'aseh v'nishma to Hashem's Torah - there is a similar aspect we must incorporate when it comes to chessed and bein adam l'chaveiro. - Telling someone "call me if you need anything" is a polite way of avoiding chessed.  - Nishma v'na'aseh perhaps would have been ok for Hashem, but it just doesn't work in regards to chessed. In order to help others we must just DO and afterwards we can "hear" if it was really necessary etc. First we must be Na'aseh and then we can be nishma. Similarly by Matan Torah we were "Ro'in es hakolos" you don't have to wait to hear the kol of someone asking for help - we have to SEE even the unspoken words and take action.

Just as by matan Torah the women were spoken to , for them to then encourage and ensure its fulfillment in the men of their homes, so too I ask now in reverse, let the men hear this and please pass it on to the women. We have a new sister in klall yisrael and it's not often we get to wish our Av, Avraham avinu, a Mazel Tov on his daughter becoming a kallah, but that is what we are doing today as His newest daughter, became a kallah. However she needs a "sisters" to help, guide, advise, and talk to. Please encourage the n'shei chayil to jump in and be Na'aseh before Nishmah don't wait for a call, see what can be done and be there for her.  

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