Wednesday, February 7, 2018

[DRASHOS] yisro 78

Yisro 78 we all say by davening, yismach moshe b'matnas chelko that although Moshe could have kept the Torah for himself, he was happy to give it as a gift to klall yisroel. Similarly the pninei mishulachan haGra brings the gemara brachos 5a that says that unlike when a human gives something away he is a bit saddened, Hashem is happy when giving the Torah to us. This is seen all the more so when we take into account the gemara which says it's not good to give away your first acquisition. The Torah was Hashem's first as it says Hashem kanani reishis darko, and yet still Hashem was happy to give it away.
All this seems a bit strange as we've once mentioned the reason Torah is 'The best s'chora'- "lekach tov", is because even when "peddling" it to another, the original "owner" never loses it! So what exactly is so great about Hashem or Moshe being happy, no one loses anything when giving away Torah! Perhaps it's something special aout Torah, or wisdom in general, but it's certainly nothing specifically special about Hashem or Moshe?

I believe we can answer with the well-known fact that the angels were upset that Hashem was giving away the Torah. What upset them was that we became the "balabus", the authorities on the psak halacha and halacha decisions would now be "lav bashamayim he". We became the deciding factor and not the heavenly courts. This is perhaps also what happened when Moshe listened to Yisro and gave the authority of psak away to the yidden. A simple group of 3 men can now form a court and render decisions which until then were only in the hands of Moshe.

Let's appreciate the tremendous gift of the   Nosein HaTorah!

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