Saturday, May 11, 2013

[KollelH blog] Bamidbar

The Ramban asks why there was a mitzvah to count & more specifically, why the detail count?
He answers that for each person to be seen & introduced to Moshe avi hanevi'im & Aharon k'dosh Hashem, for them to place their eyes upon them with good will, this would be a zechus & source of life & blessing.... Etc.

We must realize, that these individuals, just about a year before, stood before G-D himself & heard Hashem's voice talking to them at har sinai. Wasn't that enough of a z'chus & source of blessing & life? - Imagine our children would come home one day with a direct prophcy from G-D, - Can there be anything better than that?!

The very clear message we see here is that THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS ENOUGH IN RUCHNIYUS! Especially with regard to one's hopes for his childrens' growth in spirituality. "EPPES MEHR" more & more whatever more we can hope for we must attempt.

Another thing to note, is that we're not talking about little boys being nudged by their young dreamy idealistic fathers. The youngsters in the count were 20yrs old! Chinuch doesn't stop at bar mitzvah & our aspirations for growth doesn't just apply to our kids. Its lifelong. We should continue looking out for opportunities of more kedusha, more brachah, more growth in yir'as shamayim, for our children AND ouselves as long as we're here.

In these areas there should never be enough.

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