Monday, July 2, 2012

[Ein Yaakov Highlights] Peace

There are 3 types of (relative) peace. (1 true peace - perfection) river - go with the flow - no opposition. Bird -flee from the opposing side - be above & beyond it. Pan - truly an accomplishment - when there exists 2 opposing forces, the pan keeps them from going beyond their boundaries & both views can then be constructively used together.

The question on the pan is, why if there is meat in the pan does it become a symbol of dispute?

Perhaps ''L'tavah yivakesh, - nifrad''. The dispute is peaceful when the sides are just trying to figure out the truth - machlokes L'shem shamayim, ''es vaheiv b'sufah''. But if they're trying to gain something out of the dispute there won't be peace!
brachos 54?

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