Friday, August 27, 2010

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The 'Tochachah' , the word that is synonymous with speed reading ba'alei kora and hebrew expressions we're happy not knowing their true meaning.

However since it is the highlight of our parshah and it most definitely bears a message for us, I'll share two short points.

1) I am not sure of the source for referring to our parshah as the Tochachah, but you are welcome to judge the appropriateness of this name for yourself.

מוסר ה' בני אל תמאס, ואל תקץ בתוכחתו (mishlei 3.1) The Vilna Gaon explains the difference between the two expressions of admonishment as one - בתוכחתו through speech, and the other - מוסר through physical pain or discomfort. תוכחה is clear guidance. מוסר is restraining discipline.

Similarly, the מגיד מישרים  explains the the different languages of distaste in this pasuk. תמאס refers to something which is disliked because of its own intrinsic nature. Whereas תקץ refers to a disliking for something which may intrinsically be pleasant but due to its abundant repetitiveness, one gets tired of it to the point of disgust. Therefore, Shlomoh hamelech tells us not to have an aversion to the physical and prohibitive nature of  מוסר , and regarding the pleasant guiding words of תוכחה , we are told not to dislike them even though the Torah abounds with them throughout.

2) The Gemarah in Mesechta Brachos (5a) describes a great reward for someone who accepts יסוריםwith love. We all hope not to be the subject for this discussion. However we all have some  יסורים so it is something to be aware of. The three responses to troubles we may have are as follows:
  • Rejecting - which is expressed as anger. This is not accepting G-D's decree at all.
  • Accepting - unhappily, but trusting that somehow it was for the good and it was well deserved.
  • Accepting - happily, noticing the message G-D is trying to convey, and growing from the experience.
Let's try to get things right in the first place so we shouldn't need מוסר or תוכחה and may we all be blessed with a כתיבה וחתימה טובה!

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